Isn't Mo Quarantined Tho?
Join us on S2 as we see how Muslims are dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic!
a year ago

S2E8 - Maarten van Elst AKA Muslim Fit

Episode Notes

No stop on these episodes! Here is another one with Muslim Fit AKA Maarten Van Elst! (Side note: My recording malfunctioned and I tried to make it sound as best as possible for y'all. Alhamdulilah Maarten sounds great so please endure my parts and listen to the great advice from Maarten)

Maarten discovered Islam through his search for self-improvement, he was inspired by Islam’s teachings, that amongst other, promotes spiritual, social, physical and mental health. After converting to Islam in 2011, he didn’t see much of what was being preached actually being practised within the Muslim community. So combining his own hands-on knowledge from competitive bodybuilding (pre-islam), years of personal training and coaching experience and medical background (Maarten is a nurse anaesthetist), he felt the need to launch Muslim Fit (

Join us as we dive into why he started this, how he is trying to implement the teachings during this pandemic, and tips on how to stay healthy and fit as we enter week unknown of the Quarantine.

Hope you enjoy!

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