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2 years ago

S1E5 - Khalil Manasra

It's not dead! Back again!

Episode Notes

The podcast isn't abandoned! We are back! Apologies for the very long break but now we are in the...Endgame. Ok sorry for the dad joke but really. 3 episodes left and the Season 1 Finale is going to be amazing.

But let's focus on this episode. I got the chance to record with Khalil who grew up in Chicago but has been in DC for the past couple of years. Khalil has had quite the adventures in the USA and abroad and I was excited to sit down with him and chat. From his time in Jordan (00:45), his switch from private to public school (5:00), adventures in Switzerland (8:25), Life in DC(9:25), Working at his dad's Convenience store (15:40), and his exact IMMT moment (23:50).

Hope you enjoy listening as much as we did recording it!

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