Isn't Mo Quarantined Tho?
Join us on S2 as we see how Muslims are dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic!
a year ago

S2E12 - Arshiya Kherani

Episode Notes

Eid mubarak! I know I am a few days early or a few days late depending on when you read this but as of now it is the last few days of Ramadan 2020 and I got one last episode for S2 for y'all!

Yup this is the season finale. This episode was actually recorded a month ago but I have been so busy that it has taken me this long to edit and get it ready for y'all. More info on my Season Finale post on isnta. For now, the episode:

Arshiya Kherani is the CEO & Founder of Sukoon Active, an activewear brand designed by and for Muslim women. She is super passionate about inclusive fashion and believes a woman's access to activewear options that enable her to take charge of her wellness story. We talk about the impacts to her supply chain, her livelhood, her recent move to L.A., and how being a small business owner in the pandemic and in the muslim community pose their unique challenges.

You can follow her Sukoon and Arshiya's work here: @sukoonactive @arshiya_kherani

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