Isn't Mo Quarantined Tho?
Join us on S2 as we see how Muslims are dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic!
a year ago

S2E2 - Med Supply Drive with Adaah & Zuby

Episode Notes

Med Supply Drive is an initative started by a group of Georgetown students to get medical professionals the supplies they need. Today we talk with Adaah and Zuby about the recently started org, how they are handling scaling, and how the Covid19 has impacted organizing, their med school, and families.

Adaah Sayyed is a rising third year at the Georgetown University School of Medicine and the Co-Director of MedSupplyDrive. Since her clinicals have been postponed she is now based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Besides MSD, Adaah is also involved in Physicians for Human Rights, does quality improvement research for a Multiple Sclerosis clinic at MedStar Georgetown, and is involved in advocacy efforts in Washington, DC. If you ever need any coffee shop recommendations, follow Adaah on Instagram @adaahs. For more advocacy content, follow her on Twitter @adaahss.

Zuby Syed is a DC-based first generation medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the Outreach, Communications and Media Coordinator at MedSupplyDrive. She is involved with Physicians for Human Rights, Health Advocacy and Social Justice, and Generation I, an organization connecting first generation students with mentors and opportunities. Additionally, she participates in breast imaging and medical education research at MedStar Georgetown and GUSOM. On the side she practices mindfulness meditation and photography, which she shares on Instagram, @ellozuby. For medical student and healthcare content, visit her Twitter @craniocaudal.

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